Rhetoric: Bad tricks can help

Gloria Beck (37), author and management consultant, wrote the recently published Guide Forbidden Rhetoric.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: In your book "Forbidden Rhetoric" I get to know a whole series of conversation strategies that I can use to interprete my interlocutors in a not fair way for my purposes. Do I really need that?

Gloria Beck: It all depends on what you want. If you are satisfied with what you achieve - please. I show tricks that help me achieve goals that are primarily for myself. Such goals I call ego intentions. This means for example: I am nice to get ahead, not just to be nice. Besides, the book is not about being nasty. Being nasty just does not teach you how to be good.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Women often have a hard time acting selfishly. How can they overcome their modesty?

Gloria Beck: This inner inhibition threshold is naive! Those who do not use their resources for their own ends ultimately behave in a self-injurious manner. But women can recognize such deficits in their actions. You should be aware that they may allow their own benefits - is prohibited manipulation only from the perspective of the victims. My book is aimed at people who have long realized that they can use the modesty of others outstanding for their own purposes.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: In your book, you introduce a large number of rhetorical techniques. Some of them, such as the ingratiating technique, use many intuitively - if I want something from my colleague, I make her first nice compliments. Do the gimmicks in your book ever go beyond the obvious?

Gloria Beck: The decisive factor is that I use it tactically, so I deliberately manage my behavior. This includes, for example, analyzing the target person and selecting a suitable strategy. Of course I have to align my tactics with the goal I want to achieve. In plain English: For 336 pages, there are tactics and strategies to exploit, over-advantage and leave others behind. It's about knowing how to consistently seek and enforce your own advantage. And the point is not to be exposed as unscrupulous, but to be appreciated and liked by all the others, despite all the viciousness.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Suppose I want to get my boss to go on time, because my child is waiting at home - so far, this concern has fallen on deaf ears. What am I doing?

Gloria Beck: Well, that's a harmless goal. But there are also possibilities here. For example, the reciprocity technique: You deliberately present your boss with good performance, only to demand something later - in this case the commitment that you are allowed to go on time on certain days of the week. Although I do not like the perspective: "may" - a woman is not a small child, which must ask when it is allowed to go. They work to earn money, not because they enjoy working in the office. Women should finally make that change of perspective. The more women give in, the more the boss will demand.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What if I do not achieve my goal with a tactic?

Gloria Beck: Silently retire, think about what went wrong, and after a while start a new attempt. In the worst case scenario you will be exposed as a manipulator. Either you try to be humorous about it by, for example, pushing your behavior to the extreme, or you stand confidently to it. To keep things from happening, it's important to try out your techniques to those who are not keen on doing so, such as family or distant acquaintances. But it does not hurt you, because that could put you under psychological strain and prevent you from being unscrupulous.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Can anyone - even a very timid woman for example - learn their techniques?

Gloria Beck: No, they are not for shy people. Practical benefits of the book are self-confident women. It's best to start with a technique that suits you best. Of course, manipulative strategies, as I describe them, are demanding, and not suitable for everyone. My book is not for the humble, but for women who take what they deserve.

Gloria Beck's book "Forbidden Rhetoric: The Art of Unscrupulous Manipulation" was published by Eichborn in October 2005. ISBN: 3-8218-5882-6, Price: 22,90 Euro.

How to use rhetoric to get what you want - Camille A. Langston (July 2024).