• July 15, 2020

Residential Typology: Show me how you live and I'll tell you who you are!

The Maßmöbel expert 'your cabinet.de' has taken various types of housing under the microscope and shows how to adapt the device to the needs of each character with a few simple steps.

The Independent

You are confident, consistent and purposeful, but you also like to be at a distance? Then you are the Independent, who tends a bit to perfection. This guy follows a rather linear, cool interior style without much frills. Also, the color selection is kept rather clean and unruffled with black, cigar brown or white.

The interior should be as simple as possible: a black solid leather couch with angular contours and floor-level. Also largely suitable are closed shelf fronts. They provide the desired order and symmetry.

The Caring

Proximity, empathy and helpfulness characterize the caring character. Unlike the Independents, she loves it cozy and opulent at the same time.

In his living room are warm colors, many soft fabrics such as blankets and curtains and sometimes a powerful curved armchair. A great eye-catcher, which does not require much effort, are for example extraordinary armchair feet.

The constant

Involved to stay - the persistent is disciplined and conscientious. Tradition and loyalty are particularly important to her, which is why she likes to surround herself with antiques. For eccentric design as an eye-catcher she can not get excited. On the contrary, her living room contains timeless classics that prove themselves over decades due to their longevity and quality.

The lively

You are spontaneous, enthusiastic and do not like to commit yourself? Then you are the Independent who likes to improvise. So the facility must be primarily trendy and eye-catching. Not infrequently eye-catching, individual furniture in bright colors and daring shapes adorn the living room of the lively guy.

In order for them to maintain the desired wow effect, it is important not to overload the living space with too many of these eye-catching furnishings. Shelves and sofas in neutral colors and shapes help to focus on the essentials.

Go Hasegawa, “Amplitude in the Experience of Space” (July 2020).

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