Redmond O'Neal: He was said to have tried to kill several people

Less than a month ago, Redmond O'Neal, 33, was arrested for robbery. He was accused of attacking a grocery store. Los Angeles police are now raising much more serious charges against the son of actor Ryan O'Neal (77, "Love Story") and the late Farrah Fawcett (1947 - 2009, "Three Angels for Charlie"). O'Neal is again in custody, because he is accused of, among other things, the attempted murder, reports the American local channel "KABC-TV".

Very suspicious

The police have investigated a series of crimes committed in southern California between May 2 and 5. All offenses were probably committed by a perpetrator and the main suspect is O'Neal. During this time, the perpetrator attacked, among other things, five men, two of whom had been seriously injured. Particularly striking: The perpetrator description fit on the son of the actor and the crime series had ended when O'Neal was arrested on 8 May. In addition, eyewitness accounts and collected evidence would suggest O'Neal's involvement.

The district attorney issued an arrest warrant on Friday, including for attempted murder and assault. O'Neal remains in police custody while the police asks for more information and looks for more eyewitnesses.

LAPD Charge Redmond O'Neal -- Son Of Celebrity Icons -- With Attempted Murder (March 2023).

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