Really! H & M is now making fashion out of cow dung

H & M has been known for years for attaching great importance to sustainability. For example, there has been the in-house Conscious Exclusive collection for some time now. Garments made from this line are made exclusively from organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and tencel wood fiber pulp. But the Swedish fashion chain wants to go further and has set itself a goal for the future: By 2040, the company wants to produce 100 percent sustainable. The newest Coupe to achieve this goal: Make fashion from cow shit.

Cow dung fashion: is that the future?

H & M is embarking on many new and innovative ways to become more environmentally conscious. The latest project is called "Poop Fabric". It is a substance that is made from cow dung and is said to be particularly soft and robust. From this H & M wants to have its clothes sewn in the future. What sounds strange at first, does not really look like a bad thing. After all, the basis for the substance is only the cellulose obtained from manure, which is converted into a robust fabric in a special process. The fabric does not smell unpleasant.

When it is the new clothes from cow dung to buy, is currently not known. We are already looking forward to the first pictures of this special collision and will of course keep you up to date at this point.

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