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Jörg Grünwald, Christof Jänicke, Iris Hardewig: Quickfinder herbal medicine. The fastest way to the right treatment. Graves + Unzer. 12,90 Euro.

If you are looking for uncomplicated emergency aid for specific complaints, then you are in the right place with the "Quickfinder Pflanzenheilkunde". A color coding system quickly guides the reader to the right health condition. There you will find in a nutshell, which medicinal plant is recommended and how it works, supplemented by shopping tips for over-the-counter medical devices of this active ingredient. There are also 44 plant profiles from arnica to onion.

Barbara Wurzel, Bianca Marklstorfer: The best home remedies for children. Fast help for all diseases and complaints from A to Z. Südwest Verlag. 10,95 Euro.

Not every home remedy is suitable for children, problems such as head lice, baby bloating or the dreaded teething missing in many home remedies books. "The best home remedies for children" is therefore an ideal guide for parents who want to cure their offspring in a gentle way. In the ABC of the teething troubles, not only teas and wraps are recommended, but also behavioral tips are included. The first aid section includes accidents and minor emergencies from bee sting to nosebleeds.

In addition, parents also find information about how their children stay healthy: natural ways to strengthen the immune system, and the most important thing about child-friendly healthy eating.

Gertrud Scherf: Medicinal herbs from our own garden. For health and beauty. The main species and their use. BLV book publisher. 10,95 Euro.

The pharmacy in your own garden - this book shows how to do it. Gertrud Scherf presents around 40 medicinal herbs that thrive here, from thyme to lemon balm and marigold. After a brief introduction to herbal medicine, practical tips will follow on the cultivation, care and harvest of herbs.

The focus is on the herbal portraits with tips for use as a natural remedy, but also in the kitchen and beauty care. Hints for the production of teas, ointments or tinctures complete the book.

Jörg Zittlau, Norbert Kriegisch, Dagmar Heinke: Home remedies. Certified natural remedies without side effects. Southwest publishing house. 12,95 Euro.

The name is program: "Home remedies" is a solid reference work, which renounces long prefaces and images and equally rich in facts in the matter. Symptoms, causes and backgrounds of more than a hundred small and large aches and pains are compactly compiled.

In addition to classical herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies, nutritional tips and behavioral rules are taken into account. Nice: with every illness there is a section "prevention".

Herbalist Johann Künzle: The great herbal book. Patmos. 19.95 euros.

This book is a true classic: The 616-page tome first appeared in February 1945. The heart of the book is the alphabetical sorting descriptions of medicinal plants and diseases and their natural remedies. In addition, there are also information about the human body and advice for healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

Some wording may seem a bit cranky, but many of the tips are still valid today. A fascinating addition to modern phytotherapy.

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