Rea Garvey: "No one in Ireland cares about me"

Germany's most popular Irishman is back with fresh music. On his new album "Neon" Rea Garvey takes a different look. His new sound is no longer just rocking, but there are also clear influences of hip hop to hear. In an interview with "spot on news", Garvey talked about his love for Germany and why he enjoys not being a star in Ireland.

Rea, your new album is called "Neon". These are not exactly the colors you associate with.

Rea Garvey: Actually, I wanted to call the record "Blacklight" - "black light". It's about creating a different perspective for everything. I asked my daughter what she thinks about it? And she said, "You mean like neon?" Finally, blacklight brings neon colors to light. And I thought, "Okay, neon sounds better."

But "neon" in Latin means something new. And that's it for me too. I always try to stay flexible so that I can experience something new. The music is very new, I have a lot of urban influences and this time worked with a lot of people from the hip-hop genre, which I've never done before. That really inspired me.

They speak of urban influences and hip-hop. So has your home in Berlin inspired you this time?

Garvey: I usually go traveling for a new album to hunt music. And then I come back to my wife and tell her, "Look what I caught." To write this album I was in Sweden, Iceland, London and Miami. But I kept thinking, "I just want to go home." But in Berlin I had never found the people I thought I had to work with. But this time I actually wrote most of the record in Germany.

"Neon" is your fourth solo album. They have always been close, but never at the first. Is it time?

Garvey: I can not say it, but I say it anyway: "Fuck yeah!" I'm on the finish straight, that has to happen. I would lie to you if I said that I do not care. The fact is, I definitely want to be number one.

You are in Germany for 20 years this year. Is that her home?

Garvey: I'm more at home in Germany now than in Ireland. I can imagine living in Germany for a very long time. When I was in Ireland for the album, I did not feel at home and thought, "It's all so different here". And then I realized that I have become a bit German already. That's nothing negative. In Germany and especially in Berlin you feel connected to the whole world. Sometimes I miss walking on the beach and seeing my parents and sisters. But the luxury of my life is that I just get on a plane and fly to Ireland.

What was the reason for you to come to Germany at that time?

Garvey: I'm selfish. I want to come forward, succeed. In Ireland, I was one of many musicians, I felt constrained. In Germany I was able to go ahead with a broad chest. I did not reinvent the wheel with my music. But I think I'm a good musician who gets along well with people. And in Germany, I immediately felt comfortable. I know you are reluctant to talk about yourself, but Germany is a great country.

Would you say that you are a bigger star in Germany than in Ireland?

Garvey: 100 percent. Although I play in full clubs in Ireland too, I honestly never overworked to always present my music in Ireland. I also like being anonymous in Ireland. I can just go to a pub and nobody cares. That's also very healthy, it always brings me back to the ground. I'm a normal mortal and sometimes the glory goes to your head and then you have to earth yourself to get back down. In Ireland, I still have the life I knew before I was successful.

In September you start your biggest tour so far. Will you prepare it differently?

Garvey: I'm up to something special. I want to offer the spectators an experience. I've been to many concerts as a spectator and know what a ticket costs. If you've worked for eight to 13 euros an hour, then you know how long you have to work to get a ticket. And that's why my concert is damned good.

REA GARVEY - KISS ME (July 2020).

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