Raser watch out: This dog shows you how to drive properly!

The ingredients for a thoroughly successful jaunt? Take a red convertible that makes your neighbors' children envy (just look at those sparkling rims!), The best summer weather that gives hair and coat a silky shine in the sun, and of course a seasoned rider.

In this particular case, white paws determine which direction the red racer will take. Daisy, a dog lady and a passionate driver, clearly knows exactly what rules she has to adhere to on the streets of the big cities. With a purposeful look and the speed limit always in mind, she and her boyfriend and co-driver Oliver safely transported to their destination.

Who cares about the route, if you can lean on such a fluffy shoulder while traveling? If the wind does not manage to blow away the child's daily worries, Daisy's relaxed manner does the rest.

Should you soon be looking for a nice companion for a day trip - for one, two treats and the one or other stroke pause, Daisy will definitely take the wheel for you and bring you patiently and safely to your desired destination.

16 Driving Hacks from Experienced Drivers (March 2023).

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