• March 5, 2021

Racism-Shitstorm: That is how Lidl reacts - and thus gets plenty of support

A sweatshirt, which is now available from Lidl in Germany, triggered a mega shitstorm last week in the Czech Republic. And what exactly was it that made customers so angry? Part of the ad is a black skin model. More does not happen, just a dark-skinned model wearing Lidl fashion. One really wonders: what is wrong with humans?

© Lidl Czech Republic

The fashion model on the Czech Lidl homepage triggered numerous racist customer reactions. There was only a black man in casual clothes and suddenly there was criticism: "We liked to shop with you, but please do not come with multiculturalism!" or "I am disgusted, Multikulti leads to the extinction of the white race," the users wrote according to the news agency KNA.

Brilliant reaction from Lidl

The course of the refugee crisis has already made it clear that many Czechs have a negative attitude towards all people they perceive as "different" or "foreign". And that, even though they have barely received any refugees so far.

But Lidl reacts completely unimpressed on the racist failures: "We live in the 21st century, where different races exist together, we see no differences, the more you know about the world, the more tolerance you develop, that's why we employ models from all Sharing the world ", the official statement of the discounter.

Lidl gets plenty of support

While in the Czech Republic, a wave of protests against the image of a black model was pushed, more and more people put themselves on the side of Lidl and even now would go there just right. Even Czech companies are solidarizing and referring to Lidl in their advertising.

Others make fun of racism in the form of provocations:

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