Quickly fresh: Sweat less with deodorant

Why are we sweating?

Actually, sweating is vital: it can regulate body temperature and prevent overheating of the organism - because the moisture (usually up to one liter per day) that evaporates on the skin cools. Fresh sweat is always odorless. Only when bacteria come into play, it starts to smell unpleasant.


Then deodorants and anti-perspirants are good, which are free of alcohol and perfume and contain mild essences such as pearl extract, allantoin or aloe vera. To remove bacteria from the soil, shave armpits.

Deos - The Bacteria Killer

Deodorants contain antibacterial agents such as alcohol and delicate perfumes that neutralize or mask unpleasant odors. A protective formula with nature-identical extracts from the secretion of the bluegrass oil acts around the clock and yet mild: it protects against bacteria and consists of water-repellent lipids.

Anti-perspirants: the sweat blockers

We only talk about deodorants - but most of the products on the market are anti-perspirants, which also contain aluminum salts. These salts form a fine film over the sweat glands, blocking the sweat flow for less sweat. Similarly, Deo crystals work, which are dissolved with water. "Smart" odor stoppers should always release more salts if you sweat a bit more. Practical: anti-perspirants that leave no white film on skin or clothing. And anti-perspirant creams should work for up to seven days and make you sweat less.

D rather not!

Do not apply deodorant until you are already sweating - "then an unpleasant mixed smell will develop", Dr. Barbara Heide, Head of Product Development Body Care and Fragrance Waters at Schwarzkopf & Henkel. In the case of an anti-perspirant it may even be that the aluminum salts can not adhere to the sweat gland and therefore hardly act. Better: wash your armpits with soap and water for a short time and then spray in.

Sweat less: expert tip

Three questions to Dr. med. Kathi Turnbull, Dermatologist Hamburg dermatologist

Can skin irritation occur when anti-perspirants partially occlude the sweat glands? No, because sweating is never completely stopped. If problems do arise, anti-perspirants should only be used every two days. Usually that's enough. At what time of the day should you best apply it so that we sweat less? In the evening - on cleansed skin. Because at night the activity of the sweat glands is less strong, so that the solutions can penetrate better then. What can dermatologists do in extreme cases against extreme sweating? You can prescribe higher concentrated anti-transpirants that are mixed in the pharmacy. If that does not help, you can try it with Botox: this inhibits the axillary nerves and thus the sweat production. The effect lasts up to six months, then must be re-injected. The costs are usually borne by the coffers.

Dr. Oz Explains Sweat (March 2023).

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