Queen Elizabeth II: She conquers the hearts of TV viewers with her humor

The Queen also has a naughty side! On Monday evening, the documentary "The Queen's Green Planet" was aired in the UK at the ITV broadcaster. In it, the British animal filmmaker and naturalist Sir David Attenborough (91) with her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II (91), walks through the gardens of Buckingham Palace and talks to the monarch about trees. The 91-year-old also grants private insights, for example in the royal Christmas and she inspires with her humor.

However, the two chat mainly about the Commonwealth Canopy Project, in which the royal family plants trees in 53 countries. Besides her grandchildren Prince William (35) and Prince Harry (33), Hollywood star Angelina Jolie (42, "Salt") is also involved.

The classic at Christmas

For example, a scene shows the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip (96), handing Christmas presents to their closest associates, laughing and joking, as reported by Mail Online. You can also see the festively decorated tree, which according to the Queen is the largest they ever had on Windsor. The 91-year-old talks about the tree with the employee who set it up.

"The children love to tear down these [bullets]," one hears say the monarch. "Well, my great-grandchildren do it and have fun with it, and the great thing is to have [the tree] decorated by them ... because then they are a little more cautious," according to the Queen's plan. The royals are only human. With a pinch of neat understatement, however, the queen has to admit, "It's relatively difficult to give me presents." What do you want to give to someone who should have pretty much everything?

"Great fun"

The fact that the Queen also has the necessary timing for a good joke proves it elsewhere. When a helicopter interrupts the conversation, she waits first, until she is well to hear again. The Queen adds dryly: "Sounds like President Trump ..." But not only the big world affairs are of interest to the Queen. "Did not someone try to stop children from playing conkers?" Comments Elizabeth II as she talks about a chestnut tree. A "pretty harmless" game for them, where children try to knock off an opponent's chestnut-bound chestnut. Authorities wanted to ban the game before.

Their subjects are delighted: "How can one not say that the Queen is one of the best things this country has ever produced? Honestly, what a wonderful woman," a spectator raves. "I did not know that the Queen loves to joke every now and then ... Guys, she's practically one of us," another fan cheers.

Also this lady was full of praise on Twitter: "Our Queen is awesome fun - I watch #TheQueensGreenPlanet, you and David Attenborough are fantastic". Also for the duo there was a lot of positive feedback. "I never thought I would spend the day watching two 91-year-olds talk about trees," said the Twitter user. Does that scream for a sequel?

Anyway, this Twitter user wishes, "I want the Queen and David Attenborough to spin-off on the show, traveling through the Commonwealth and clarifying the crime of planting, murdering their hobby ... or Murder One ". A great idea!

Brief History of the Royal Family (July 2020).

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