• July 15, 2020

Pure luxury! Unbelievable, what's in the Oscar-Goodie-Bag

Everyone wants it, but only a few get it: the Oscar 2017! Those who are nominated for the most coveted trophy in the world have made it to Hollywood. Prestige and countless film offers are the stars sure at the latest now? regardless of whether you win the gold-colored dust catcher or not.

But otherwise it is worth it to lose ?. Because after the golden boy, the crème de la crème of the dream factory is likely to be particularly keen on the goodie bag. Because that offers just about everything that makes the luxury-pampered heart of the celebrities beat faster. In 2017, for example, a surprise box of gifts worth 188,000 euros awaits the movie stars at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

What is inside? You will be astonished!

These "goodies" provide relaxation for the stressed stars:

  • A six-day Hawaii trip in a villa on Kauai? Value 11,400 euros
  • A stay in a luxury ranch in California? Value: 20,600 euros
  • One night at the Grand Hotel on Lake Como? Value: 940 euros

To make them even more beautiful:

  • A ten-year subscription to 'Oxygentix' make-up products? Value: 44,000 euros
  • Hydroxycut Platinum Slimming Pills Value: 28 euros
  • Ten fitness sessions with personal trainer Alexis Seletzky? Value: 1,100 euros
  • Underarm pads against sweat stains? Value: 30 euros
  • Anti-cellulite massage mats - Value: 300 euros

For the techies:

  • The smart home system 'Oomi'? Value: 460 euros
  • Vaporizer 'Haze Dual V3'? Value: 295 euros

To devour:

  • Opal apples (For info: This apple variety is supposedly not brown after slicing and is still not genetically changed!)

Well, what should one say to that? In the next life we'll just Hollywood star, right?

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