Prince William: "Since I'm a father, my feelings go through with me"

How much the life of children really changes, you know only when you have yourself. This experience has also made Prince William, as he now revealed in an interview with the British television station ITV.

In any case, the aristocratic coolness of the British royal family has expelled his children thoroughly: "I am strangely more emotional than before"so the prince. "I used to never feel stressed or worried, but now the smallest things can make me cry, as a dad, you'll be touched a little bit more by the things that happen in the world."

The background of the interview was a documentary about the foundation of William's father Charles, which campaigns for young people.

Helping children and adolescents - this is William's topic more than ever before. "You realize how valuable life is, and that gives you a completely different perspective, just the idea of ​​not being able to see your children grow up and things like that."

Suddenly, to be touched even more by the world and its stories - that's an experience that probably all parents make. Noble or not.

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