Preview: Wedding Chaos in "You are of course invited"

20:15, ZDF, you are of course invited, family comedy

Gundula (Andrea Sawatzki) and Gerald Bundschuh (Axel Milberg) are not spared. Actually, her eldest went to Los Angeles to study. Now he announces that he has fallen in love. His skeptical mother does not have much time left to ask if Rolfi (Oskar Bökelmann) made the right choice. Rolfi wants to marry immediately because his bride Candy (Ludie Diekumpovisa) is pregnant. Nobody has money. So the wedding should take place in the garden of Bundschuhs in Berlin. When the Bundschuhs Rolfi and Candy and their family are waiting at the garden gate, they experience a surprise.

20:15, RTL, who is going to be a millionaire? - The big gambler special, quiz show

New gamblers, new questions and a new game: At the "Zocker-Special", candidates who love the risk play! Under the spell of millions, brazen gamblers can win two million euros if they have nerves of steel. Who joins Günther Jauch on a heroic journey? Only those who are brave enough to answer the first nine of the 15 questions without the use of a joker will have the chance to leave the Council chair as a two-time millionaire.

20:15, SWR / SR, St. Josef am Berg: mountains on trial

As offspring announces, the Stralsunder Svea Classen (Paula Kalenberg) has a redeemed promise to redeem: the church wedding in the alpine village of St. Joseph, the home of her husband Peter Pirnegger (Sebastian Wendelin). Her father-in-law Joseph Pirnegger (Harald Krassnitzer) is already waiting there for his lost son. He also has something in store for Svea: an administrative center in the neighboring municipality of Klamm. Soon, Svea notices what her father-in-law secretly thought: she should make sure that the stubborn mayor Mingner (Branko Samarovski) agrees to set up a national park.

20:15, kabel eins, Hunt for Red October, thriller

November 1984: Glasnost and Perestroika are not yet part of the general vocabulary. The Soviet submarine captain Marko Ramius (Sean Connery) gives the order to take course to the west. His destination is the American East Coast. Both the Russians and the Americans puzzle what Ramius is up to. Is he planning an attack on the US, does he want to commit suicide or is he a defector? A merciless hunt of both forces on the submarine begins.

22:15, ZDF, Inside Man, bank robber thriller

Disguised as a painter, Dalton Russell (Clive Owen) and his accomplices ambush a bank in Manhattan and capture the employees and customers. The uniform costuming of kidnappers and hostages as well as a series of following scenarios create so much confusion that none of the bystanders knows who is actually on which page. Detectives Keith Frazier (Denzel Washington) and Bill Mitchell (Chiwetel Ejiofor) will be charged with the case. With policeman John Darius (Willem Dafoe) they try to bring the situation under control.

The Fight w/ Jake That Tana Didn't Want You To See | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 5 (June 2021).

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