Preview: Packing finale of "Babylon Berlin"

20:15, the first, Babylon Berlin, Krimidramaserie

Charlotte (Liv Lisa Fries) tells Rath (Volker Bruch) nothing of her martyrdom of the past days, but tells him about her find of the notebook and that a raid on the freight train is planned. Immediately they make their way to Benda (Matthias Brandt), but on the way they are attacked and get into mortal danger. Likewise Benda, who does not know what is going on against him. He trusted the wrong man.

20:15, ZDF, Team Alpin: Downstream, Heimatdrama

Martina Stadler (Johanna von Gutzeit) as well as Uli (Daniel Fritz) and Rupert Dobner (Daniel Gawlowski) plunge into their new alpine school full of verve. A huge opportunity presents itself when Rupert's buddy Tom (Max Hemmersdorfer) books an outdoor event with his company. Tom has a small start-up producing trekking food. For two potential customers, a suitable presentation should now be prepared. The whitewater event is a complete success, but then there is a tragic accident in the gorge.

20:15, VOX, Ant-Man, action comedy

The smart super-thief Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) has, thanks to a special suit by Dr. med. Henry "Hank" Pym (Michael Douglas), the ability to shrink to ant size and multiply his powers. So that Pym's failed technology is no longer used militarily, he instructs the trickster Lang to sabotage his unscrupulous opponent Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) and to steal his Ant Man special suit. But Lang has to complete a superhero training before.

20:15, kabel eins, Volcano, disaster film

In Los Angeles, sewer workers die in a subway shaft. They are burned alive. The disaster team is investigating the cause under the direction of Mike Roark (Tommy Lee Jones). Seismologist Amy Barnes (Anne Heche) soon suspects that magma is bubbling under the surface of the earth and will soon erupt. No one believes in their theory - until the day after a volcano erupts. In the middle of the million metropolis. Mike and his colleagues are fighting for the survival of the inhabitants.

8:15 pm, Arte, Ad Vitam, Sci-Fi Series

Death is defeated! Thanks to a new type of regeneration technique, humans do not age anymore. Not everyone agrees with this manipulation of nature, and collective suicide becomes a sign of the resistance of an underage youth. When seven dead minors are found one morning, one quickly starts with a community suicide.

The Making of the "Babylon" Music Video - Bryan Thomas (March 2023).

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