Preview: Günther Jauch celebrates "Hüttengaudi" at "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

20:15, RTL, who is going to be a millionaire? - Hüttengaudi 2019, Quizshow

Günther Jauch heralds the new quiz year with the special "Hüttengaudi 2019" - with a real ski hut and in a snow-covered studio. Star guest DJ Ötzi, who among other things is giving a musical boost and presents the selection questions with Günther Jauch. The quiz summit candidates today are all people who have anything to do with skiing, the ski industry, hut fun or winter in general.

20:15, The First, The Affair Borgward, docudrama

The name of the car manufacturer Carl F.W. Borgward is still synonymous with the West German economic miracle. For hundreds of thousands the "Isabella" from Borgward is the first own car after the war, Borgward secures thousands of jobs in Bremen. But in 1961, the company of the passionate constructor goes surprisingly bankrupt, of all things in the then richest state. Many questions remained open - until today. Conspiracy theories persist around the first major economic failure of the postwar period.

8:15 pm, kabel eins, Die Insel, Thriller

Believing that they are survivors of a deadly plague, clones live in a hermetically sealed colony. They do not suspect that they serve only as human organ storage. They are fooled into believing that they have won the lottery and are allowed on "the island", the only undamaged place. The clone Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) finds out, however, which sick game is really driven.

22:40, ONE, Today I'm blond, drama

The 21-year-old Sophie (Lisa Tomaschewsky) lives with her parents in a dignified old Hamburg villa, knows no worries and enjoys life according to the motto "What is the price of the world?". Soon she will start her studies, the chic apartment for a shared flat with her best friend Annabel (Karoline Teska) is already selected. But when Sophie is examined for persistent pain, she receives a shocking diagnosis from the doctor (Alexander Held): she has breast cancer. Your chances are not very good.

23:10, HR, A Single Man, Drama

At the height of the 1962 Cuba crisis, the American public is dominated by the fear of nuclear war. Professor George Falconer (Colin Firth), who teaches literature at the University of Los Angeles, leaves everything completely cold. Eight months ago, his life-companion Jim (Matthew Goode) died in a car accident. Since then George has been cocooned in a cocoon with his secret grief. For in the Cold War era, not only Communists but also homosexuals are ostracized.

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