Pop Poetry for Kids: See it live under my bed!

"Again! "" Of course, my child! " In "Under my bed" we like to press on Repeat. Because that also pleases the parents! For the third CD German songwriters once again composed a great children's pop, sometimes funny, sometimes rockig, sometimes deeply touching. With it are u.a. Clueso, Dokter Renz of Fettes Bread, Klee, germination and Deniz Jaspersen. And of course co-founder Francesco Wilking, father of three and otherwise singer of the "adult bands" Tele and The Highest Railway.

We talked to him about his special project, with dhe is going on tour now. Dates can be found below.

Francesco Wilking, singer of the bands Tele and The Highest Railway, co-initiated the children's pop project "Under My Bed".

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ChroniquesDuVasteMonde MOM: Francesco, youhave a very illustrious selection of German musicians for "Under my bed" gathered? is it difficult to get the artists involved in the project?

Francesco Wilking: Sometimes very light, sometimes very difficult, but has nothing to do with Divatum, but with the utilization of artists, concerts, record productions. When XY grade pauses: perfect. Then I slide in with "Under my bed" in.

Who canceled?

Hüstel, until now always Judith Holofernes, but I have almost reached it, or am I just imagining it?

Who else would you like to win for "Under My Bed"?

Sophie Hunger, Von because of Lisbeth, Herbert Grönemeyer, Yung Hurn, Max Schröder? Many come to mind.

The first album was released in 2015? now it's already the third on the market. Did you think there would be so many in such a short time?

No, not at all, but there were always enough artists who did not make it in time with a contribution to the record, but absolutely wanted to do something. So we always had a tribe of candidates for the next part. Also for album No. 4 are already four to five songs.

Your favorite "under my bed" song?

"Under my bed", from the first album. It was the first, simplest, funniest, best.

Your favorite moment from past concerts?

I really enjoy watching the kids watch us, watching who does what, the cable from the guitar going into the amp, the drummer always looking everyone in before they enroll. For many it is the first rock concert. It is very nice to be part of it.

Is it easier or harder to write and compose songs for children?

If you make yourself comfortable in the ivory towers like me, you definitely need a few starts. The difference for me: In a nursery rhyme, I introduce myself to the audience while writing.

My seven year old daughter has seen you twice live and would like to know if you have stage fright?

Yes, much more stage fright than at "normal" concerts. Why, actually, I still try to find out.

You've also performed with your daughter the last few times - how is that for you?

It is very nice. We wrote and recorded "The Tea of ​​Eugenia" together. She was still a "real" kid, now her days are counted on the "under my bed stage". Maybe she'll come back, but only if it's a festival with other cool bands.

What other music do you hear with your children?

The Beatles, Captain Peng, Bummelkasten - but we do not have the classical music-together-listening-situation, because we do not drive a car.

What are you looking forward to during the tour?

On the unpredictability of our Showmaster Bernd Begemann and his daughter Belinda, who admonishes him not to exaggerate.

See it live under my bed:

09. + 10.12. Berlin - Columbia Theater

1.13. Cologne - Gloria

2.18. Leipzig - copper hall

Further dates will follow.

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