Plant rosemary: The best tips

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) can not only be used for cooking as a Mediterranean spice, but also has a healing effect? For example, it can help to relieve headaches when dried in tea. It would be quite handy to have him in the local herb garden, right? We reveal how you plant the subshrub.

Plant rosemary: location and planting time

  • The subshrub likes it warm and can one sunny location very good. Even in the blazing sun the plant gets along. No wonder, because she is originally from the Mediterranean.
  • The ground should nutrient-rich, dry and permeable his. We can mix the soil with some sand. As the rosemary does not like waterlogging, it is recommended to use a layer of gravel as drainage.
  • The growing season of rosemary starts from the late spring? from about May.

Plant rosemary: That's how it works

  • We can sow rosemary in the bed from May, but this variant is less promising than the planting of young plants. The cuttings can be planted in a pot, placed on the windowsill and put into the bed after a while.
  • The planting distance in the bed should be about 50 centimeters, as the plant can grow up to two meters high.
  • Whether as outdoor plants or balcony plants? we can harvest them all year round.

Plant rosemary: The best care tips

  • To water: Rosemary needs water regularly, but only in moderation. Here is: less is more. To pour the rosemary we can use tap water.
  • Fertilize: We can do without fertilizers especially in outdoor plants. If anything, we can put some horn shavings on the ground with the balcony plants.
  • To cut: Generally we cut the shrub regularly to get to the branches and leaves. In addition, a strong pruning with a pair of scissors or a knife is recommended once a spring to stimulate the growth of the shoots. For this, the shoot tips should be cut short over the lignified areas.
  • repotting: Rosemary in the pot can be repotted every two years in spring, as the plant grows quickly. The conversion in the bed should happen quite early, when it becomes clear that the location is not large enough. Otherwise, rosemary should rarely be transplanted, as the roots go deep into the soil and should remain as undamaged when transplanting.
  • Wintering: Generally there are hardy varieties (for example, 'Arp', 'Blue Winter' or 'Veitshöchheim'), which we should prefer for the bed. Nevertheless, care must be taken for winter protection from autumn leaves or reed mats. Potted plants that are not on a sheltered balcony, we should put in their winter quarters from October. The room should be bright and cool.

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Wonderful Rosemary: Care Tips, Uses & What You Need To Know / Joy Us Garden (June 2021).

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