• July 15, 2020

Pietro makes Michal T. a challenge - and she has washed herself!

When it comes to Alessio, the fun definitely stops for Pietro Lombardi. Not only that the singer has to cope with the marriage-off with Sarah. It still looks like Sarah's affair will not disappear from the life of Lombardis so soon. After photos of the 24-year-olds and Michal T. have surfaced again, showing the two in love with Disneyland Paris, Pietro now burst the collar. He makes an announcement to Michal? and she has washed herself!

For what does it look like, Sarah soon moves back to the house she once built with Pietro? and probably not alone! A confidant of the couple is said to have revealed: "Michal has already brought things into the house and I suspect that he will move in as well." But that does not seem to bother the DSDS winner. "Really, I do not care, if they are a couple, maybe it's better for them, alone in such a big house, he can take care of them," said Pietro on the sidelines of a charity football game.

He is concerned only with his son: "I think Alessio knows exactly where he belongs, and that's to me, and he knows who his dad is, that's me and that's enough, and as long as he treats him well, if he's with Alessio, it's good If he treats him badly, he has a big problem with me. " Well, let's call that a challenge!

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Pietro Lombardi, Michal T., Sarah Lombardi, Alessio