Philipp Hochmair: "Candelaria": Why this movie is very important to him

Actor Philipp Hochmair (44, "Blind Determined") is known in Germany above all as a nasty politician and murderer Joachim Schnitzler in the TV satire series "Vorstadtweiber" (since 2015). He is also a celebrated theater star in Austria, who gives as much on stage as in this country colleague Lars Eidigner (42, "Mackie knife - Brecht's Dreigroschenfilm"). In an interview with the news agency spot on news about his new film "Candelaria - a Cuban summer", which premiered at the Munich Film Festival and today starts on Thursday (5 July) regularly in the cinema, Hochmair tells not only how extreme the conditions Shooting in Cuba. He also tells what actually connects him with Eidinger.

Mr. Hochmair, "Candelaria" plays in Cuba. How was it there?

Philipp Hochmair: I flew to a place of longing and then saw how hard real life is on the spot. I arrived there three days after Fidel Castro's death (November 25, 2016). On the one hand it was a big excitement, on the other hand some people might have been relieved. It is a very strange world of appearances, but in which very loving, great people live. Everywhere one encounters photos of Che Guevara (1928-1967) and Fidel Castro (1926-2016), as if they were both still here. The myth lives on and is maintained with much effort. Of course, this contradiction is palpable.

What was the biggest challenge?

Hochmair: The biggest challenge was that I did not know what I was getting into. I flew in and arrived in Havana at midnight and did not know what to expect, what could happen, when it would be my turn or where I live ... nothing. I then decided to just indulge in this adventure.

Many actors in the movie are pretty old. Why is the movie still interesting for a young audience?

Hochmair: That's right, the main actress is 95, he's almost 90. Both come but much younger, because they are so fit and alive and could preserve a great freedom in this crisis-ridden country. This couple clearly represents the country to me. A black and a white, who love each other and love each other, grow old together, go through thick and thin, overcome crises, solve tasks. That's universal. Especially in times when some governments resist integration, this film is a great example of how it can work. "Candelaria" is very important to me and I really like the movie.

How was it linguistically on the set?

Hochmair: It was shot in Spanish and because I speak Spanish, I did not have to be synced. Because of my language skills (Editor's note: Hochmair speaks French, English, Spanish) I always wanted to shoot internationally, so far, "Candelaria" was of course a great luck.

She and the German actor Lars Eidinger are not only successful in television and film, but also celebrated theater stars. They met him at the Film Festival, where "Candelaria" also premiered, and posted a shared photo on your Instagram account. How well do you know yourself?

Hochmair: We have known each other for a long time, but have never worked together. But we played the same roles: He plays Hamlet, I played Hamlet. And these Hamlet guys are watching and enjoying each other, I would say. I think he's really good too. There is a series that is not so well-known in Germany, but which I saw on the plane: "SSGB" (2017) with Sam Riley, Kate Bosworth, etc. Sam Riley plays a neutral police officer in London in the 1950s Nazis are occupied, and Lars Eidinger plays the Gauleiter of London. The series is really worth seeing.

In film scenes ("hangover") and on stage, you can always see naked. How do you overcome the fear of being completely undressed by strangers?

Hochmair: If it motivates content and makes sense, it has nothing to do with timidity, then it has to be. If you understand the panic, the content, and the stress that has a role, then that is not a vain self-actualization, but a substantive necessity.

How important is it to be satisfied with your body?

Hochmair: It does not matter if you're fat, thin, old or young. In "Candelaria" the two are also naked and it does not matter if they are satisfied with their body, because it is important in terms of content and clear that they are seen naked.

Nonetheless, you look pretty fit. What are you doing for it?

Hochmair: I only do yoga and I just work a lot.

That's what "Candelaria" is all about

Havana in 1994.The island state suffers from the US economic embargo and the collapse of the Soviet Union, which has helped Cuba economically. The political situation is getting worse and Cuba is starving. However, the lives of Candelaria, 75 (Veronica Lynn) and Victor Hugo, 76 (Alden Knight), seemingly untouched. The monotony of the hard-working everyday life has both firmly under control. However, the daily routine is over when Candelaria finds a video camera hidden in the dirty laundry in the hotel where she works. She takes her home.

As the couple begins to film while dancing, kissing and making love, the camera becomes the focal point of their lives. When she disappears one day, Victor Hugo desperately searches, also in "El Hormigueo", a dangerous place in the center of Havana, where everything stolen can be found again. He also meets the fence El Carpintero, played by Philipp Hochmair ...

Filmfest München 2018: Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza & Philipp Hochmair, CANDELARIA (July 2020).

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