"Peel Off Basecoat" - for glitter paint to peel off

What was tested?

The base coat "Peel-Off-Basecoat" by SpaRitual, a nail polish that is applied as a first layer before the glitter finish.

What does the paint promise?

Brush a coat of Basecoat and the glitter nail polish applied afterwards should be removed without residue by peeling - without nail polish remover.

And what does the subject say?

... loves glitter nail polish - but not the annoying peeling off.

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Karolina Hering, beauty assistant: "I love to make a sparkle with the Christmas tree, but after a while I lost the pleasure of removing the nail polish remover." Too annoying and harmful is the scrubbing of the nail polish with cotton pad and nail polish remover look broken afterwards and I have to scratch the last glistening of the nails.

The "Peel Off Basecoat" by SpaRitual should bring the solution: one coat of basecoat brushed on, then two coats glitter varnish. The application is as promised easy. The paint dries quickly and sticks well at first. Unfortunately, that changes after a few hours. Twice tied the boots and washed off two cups and already starts the nail polish to peel off. Since I'm crazy about half-peeled nail polishes, I pull off the entire nail polish with a jerk. And indeed, it is completely freed from my nails and they look very healthy.

Conclusion: for New Year's Eve or a party night, where you can serve all around, perfect. For the everyday rather unfavorable. But glitter paint comes with me anyway only for special occasions on the nails. Of me there's the grade 2 - especially for the Schonfaktor. "The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

What does it cost?

The nail polish you get for 19 euros on beautylane.de and more information on sparitual.de.

Removing Glitter with Peel Off Basecoat Tutorial (July 2020).

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