Paul McCartney: He still has it

It is astonishing that even less than 50 years after the end of the Beatles, Paul McCartney (76) does not rest on his many, many laurels. Instead, he continues to produce album by album, as if it were an inner compulsion, a need. Now comes the most successful pop artist of all time with his new album "Egypt Station" around the corner and shows with a successful mix of modern and classic that he is still one of the best songwriters ever heard.

A master of PR

Equally noteworthy: McCartney still knows how to put himself in the limelight and cleverly uses all the levers of modern PR work. So he used his 76th birthday in June to stir for his new album properly the advertising drum. With talk showmate James Corden (40), he shot a historical episode of the cult format "Carpool Karaoke," in which McCartney visited the sites of his youth.

He also gave a secret concert at the famous Abby Road Studios, where The Beatles recorded classics such as "Revolver" or "Yellow Submarine." Or was interviewed by the audience at the Academy Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts. Of course, in one or another interview, he also did a few anecdotes from his time with the Beatles and described, for example, how he suddenly faced God after a drug spree. All actions that build up an at least felt buzz about his new album. Well played!

Round matter

But his previous albums were expected in advance, but then quickly fell into oblivion. This is unlikely to happen with his 17th solo album. Because McCartney has managed to "classic songwriting with modern production methods," it promises the promo leaflet to translate into the here and now and to write songs that include all his trademarks, but not sound yesterday.

Picking out individual songs would be idle and not in the sense of the inventor. Because McCartney wanted to write from the outset a "concept album that you can listen in one, if you want and the one necessarily leads somewhere". He succeeded in doing so and at a surprisingly high level.

Paul McCartney Has Still Got It! | TMZ TV (July 2020).

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