Parents forget their daughter at the rest area

An unusual emergency call now went to the police in Breisgau: Near Freiburg, parents (50 and 51) forgot their eight-year-old daughter at the motorway service area and drove without them to Stuttgart.

When only after several minutes on the highway noticed that the back seat is empty, the parents immediately called the police. The officials were already alarmed: The eight-year-old had run into the arms of a driver's car, which immediately chose the 110. The girl was already desperately looking for his parents!

How can something happen?

Back at the rest area, the parents were able to hug their relieved daughter again. Of course, the police immediately had a question for them: how can something like that happen?

The answer: The eight-year-old is generally a rather quiet child, the parents told the officials. That's why at first they did not realize that nobody was sitting in the backseat. In addition, father and mother had mutually trusted each other, that the other eight cares for the child. Hopefully you will have learned from it?

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