Paper jewelery: make one out of four

You need this for the paper decoration:

  • This template
  • color printers
  • Beautiful paper (for example, wrapping paper)
  • scissors
  • Double-sided adhesive tape or adhesive
  • Yarn (optional)

1) Gift loops? that's how it's done

Step 1: For each loop you want to cut, cut one wide and one narrow piece of paper from the original.

Step 2: Make a ring out of the wide strip so that the ends overlap. Fix ends with double-sided adhesive tape.

Step 3: Fix a small piece of double-sided tape in the middle of the loop and gently squeeze the ring.

Step 4: Cut out a small C on both sides in the middle.

Step 5: Make a ring out of your narrow strip as well. He should be a little smaller than the wide ring. Stick the small loop on the big one with double-sided adhesive tape.

Step 6: Place a narrow piece of paper around both loops and secure it with double-sided tape (white paper was used as the contrast, but you can also use the printed or other paper).

Step 7: Glue two bottom-cut strips of paper onto the present with name. Finally, put the loop on.

2) Garlands - that's how it works

Step 1: Trim paper strips.

Step 2: Make the first chain link by bending a strip to the ring and gluing the overlapping ends together.

Step 3: Proceed the same way for the next link, just put the paper strip through the first ring first.

Step 4: Continue until the chain has the right length for you. Hang them on your Christmas tree, on branches or on the ceiling.

Tealight cases (only for battery operated candles):

Cut out wide strips of paper and place them around your battery-operated candles. Attach the paper to the candle with double-sided tape. Cut off excess paper. A strip of paper should be enough for two candles.

Gift tags - how it works:

Print the tags on thick paper and cut them out. Put a hole in the top and hang the pendants with pretty yarn on your gifts - or on the Christmas tree.

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DIY JEWELRY OUT OF PAPER - How to Make DIY Crafts With Paper Easy (March 2023).

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