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Pack gifts: This will make your Christmas gifts perfect

There are two types of people: the ones who love to pack gifts and the others for whom gift wrapping is the absolute cruelty. We've put together great packaging ideas for both: the pros who want to take their gift packaging to the next level, and the beginners who want it as easy as possible.

Packaging presents: Our most beautiful ideas

Become a packaging artist!

Making gift wrappings is not difficult - and in the creative outfit wine, books and other little things come out under the tree.

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Gifts Cable

With these variously wide strips of tissue paper, every wrapped gift becomes a visual highlight. Decorated with metallic pompons it looks like an iceberg!


1 sheet of tissue paper, thin white gift ribbon, 1 ready-wrapped gift, some metallic pompoms (eg from Rayher), cutter, ruler with cutting edge

How to do it:

  1. Fold the tissue paper to one quarter (this saves cutting work!) And use the ruler and the cutter to cut strips of different widths from about 0.5 cm wide.
  2. Slightly lay the strips side by side and on top of each other, picking something apart, put on the gift and tie the ribbon over it.
  3. Then pile up the stripes on the gift to a small iceberg and drape it loosely. Decorate with metallic pompoms.
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snow crystals

In nature, not one snow crystal is the other. This is different with ironing beads? this creates pendants in many variants.


White, black, red, push-on plates (circle, hexagon), iron, baking paper

How to do it:

  1. Insert the white beads for the snowflakes from the center symmetrically in different shapes and sizes on the plug-in board. Heat up the iron (level 2), cover the beads with the baking paper, iron over until they are slightly fused. Let cool down.
  2. Or put a graphic pattern in the hexagonal plug-in form, preferably in colors that go well with the present.
  3. Pack gifts in plain paper and attach snowflakes to them.


The snowflakes become more stable the more contact they have. Therefore connect not only one-sided, but as often as possible on two sides.

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? Zentangle? Does the technique of filling letters or other surfaces with fine, drawn patterns mean? they refine every present!


Fineliner in black (thickness 0.25 mm or 0.5 mm), white paper or Zentangle tiles (high-quality paper sheets in 9 cm x 9 cm), adhesive

How to do it:

  1. First, think about the motif and pattern. Here: leaf, fir tree and letters.
  2. Then paint the pattern flat (small curls / diagonal lines, grid, diamonds, stripes) in the approximate motif size.
  3. Then cut out motifs. This prevents you from seeing the starting points of the pen in the motif.
  4. Pack gifts with plain paper, stick on your motifs.
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Colorful stamps

Once made of sponge rubber, the festive prints can be used repeatedly for wrapping paper and tags.


plain colored paper (color is best on it), sponge rubber (thickness approx. 3 mm), wood strip remnants or wooden blocks, small colored ink pads, cutter, glue, possibly sandpaper

How to do it:

  1. Saw the wooden strip into small blocks (approx. 5 cm x 7 cm), possibly smooth it out a bit.
  2. Cut out a rectangle (about 1 cm x 5 cm) and a flame (both a bit irregular) for the candle sponge made of sponge rubber. Then glue the rectangle on one side of the block and the candle flame on another side of the same block.
  3. Outline the outlines for the fox and fir tree stamp, transfer to the sponge rubber, cut out and glue each onto a block.
  4. Pack gifts, press the pads on the foam rubber motives, then stamp the gifts. For the candle motif first all candles, then the flames in gold or silver.
  5. Stamp fox and fir-tree on the gift, tags, bags or cards.
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Golden words

The gifts are wrapped in plain newspaper or colored paper, Glitter and baubles provide for glamor.


Old newspapers, spray glue (eg by eagle owl) or wallpaper paste, glitter in gold, z. As threads, baubles (Ø 2 mm), scattered litter, stars (Ø 3 mm), everything z. B. by Rayher, a large plate, possibly brush

How to do it:

  1. Pack gifts in newspaper, cover one half with paper.Spray the other half with glue or apply the wallpaper paste with a brush.
  2. Now best over a large plate and sprinkle the glitter on all sides. Tap off excess glitter loosely and continue to use.
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Pack books

Packing books is not difficult. And with the right wrapping paper and a little decoration make books as a gift neatly what. Instructions: Pack books

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Pack the gift elegantly

No matter how you wrap up your gift, it all depends on the gesture. But with a pretty packaging, opening makes it even more fun. Instructions: Gift wrapping

© Dietlind Wolf 8 out of 32

Make gift bag

These gift bags make it in no time. Depending on the size of the gift, they can be easily and individually adapted. Instructions: Make gift bags

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Pack tickets

You want to give away tickets? How about a gift wrapping from a Reclamheft and Maskingtape for the Theaterticket or for a voucher. Instructions: Pack tickets

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Pack bottles

Packing bottles is easy. And with the right shell, the bottle of wine becomes a very special gift. Instructions: Pack bottles

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Pack CDs

If you do not know how to pack CDs, you will find a creative gift box here. A bit of construction paper - that's all you need for it. Instructions: Pack CDs

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Make a box for chocolates

At Christmas, many people like to give away homemade chocolates. We will show you how to make the right chocolate box. Instructions: Tinker box of chocolates

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Tinker gift bag

This gift bag is almost a present in itself - and it's so easy to make. How that works, we show you here. Instructions: Make a gift bag

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Making a jewelry box yourself

In a jewelry box, special little things can be packed well. How you can make a jewelry box yourself, you can see here. For instructions: DIY jewelry tinker

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Make surprise ball

Are you looking for an original gift box? Then make yourself this surprise ball, in which you can hide your present. Instructions: Make a surprise ball

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Make a diamond box

In this gift box can be packed very special treasures. How to make the diamond box, we show here: instructions plus template. Instructions: Making a diamond box

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Craft present box

From a cardboard box with lid can be easily tinker a gift box, which can be used as an order helper. Instructions: Make a gift box

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Make a gift certificate

A gift certificate can also be wonderfully crafted as a last-minute gift. For those who are a bit late with gifts. Instructions: Make a gift certificate

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Make a box with a bow

Making a box with a bow takes about five minutes. No other gift packaging is so easy and fast - and still looks good. Instructions: Make a box with a bow

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Craft gift wrap

Make a gift wrap in half an hour. However, the recipient will enjoy the gift wrapped in it much longer. Instructions: Make gift wrap

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Wallpaper as wrapping paper

A wallpaper can be perfectly recycled as a gift wrap. You only need wallpaper remnants, paper, brushes and and gift ribbon. Instructions: Wallpaper as wrapping paper

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Make a gift envelope

Make a gift envelope in fifteen minutes. Vouchers, money and other little things can be given away in style. Instructions: Make a gift envelope

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Gift bag folding instructions

Pretty packaging makes gifts that come from the heart even more beautiful. Here's how to fold a gift bag. Instructions: Fold gift bag

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Fold origami box

To pack small presents, an origami box is the gift wrap of choice. How to fold an origami box, we show here. Instructions: Fold origami box

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Katrin from the blog Creative Perspective: She uses a tin can and tinkers gift tags made of blackboard foil.

"The pendants are a special highlight on your Christmas gifts and thanks to the blackboard foil they can be used 'every year'."

That's what you need for the gift tags:

  • Design paper (red / white checkered)
  • Construction paper (red)
  • Self-adhesive blackboard foil (black)
  • Cookie cutters
  • Tie string or gift ribbon
  • Lochzange
  • Pencil, scissors, glue stick, sharpener, triangle
  • possibly compass
  • chalk

That's how it's done

  1. First, record the desired motifs in pencil on the writable back of the blackboard foil. Use the cookie cutters as a template. Then cut out the motifs.
  2. Cuts rectangles or circles from the checkered design paper according to the shape of the motifs. The design paper should completely enclose the desired motifs from blackboard foil.
  3. In order to create a red border, another slightly larger piece of red construction paper will be cut for each circle or rectangle of checkered design paper.
  4. Glue the circles or rectangles of checkered design paper centered on the slightly larger circles or rectangles of red construction paper. Then fix the motifs from self-adhesive blackboard foil in the middle.
  5. At the desired position, punch a hole with the punch, draw through the tie cord or ribbon and knot it.
  6. Now you can label the pendants with a sharpened piece of chalk. Finished!
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Gifts pack with tin cans

"Empty cans are too bad to throw away: with a little spray paint and crepe paper, they can quickly be transformed into an original gift box."

That's what you need for the gift box:

  • Empty tin can
  • Decorative foil (self-adhesive)
  • Cookie cutters (star)
  • Pencil, scissors, tape measure
  • Spray paint (white)
  • Plastic bag or newspaper
  • Florist Crepe Paper (White)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Gift Ribbon (used here: Organza Ribbon White)
  • possibly white napkin as filler

That's how it's done:

  1. Draw a star on the writable back of the self-adhesive film and cut it out. A Ausstechförmchen can serve as a template.
  2. Stick the foil star centrally on a rinsed tin can.
  3. Place the can for spraying on a plastic bag and spray the white paint evenly all around.
  4. After drying (see manufacturer's instructions for duration), carefully pull off the foil stems.
  5. Cut out of florist crepe (depending on the size of the box) a rectangle of approx. 28 cm x 12 cm. Stick on a long edge a 2.5 cm wide strip of double-sided adhesive tape. Pull off the protective foil and fix the crepe on the inner, upper edge of the can.
  6. Now the can can be filled with a small gift.
  7. Finally, close the crepe paper with a gift ribbon.

Katrin from the blog Kreativ-Perspektive loves to look for beautiful things in nature and to make decorations out of them.

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Personal gift wrap with photo

This is how gift wrapping becomes personal: Blogger Alix (Blog It's Alix) shows us her ideas for gifts.

"At first, my idea was to make little presents as name tags for the" right "gifts, and during the crafting workshop, I came up with the idea that it would be cute to mark the presents with beautiful photos, and that together was the answer, because I love it to combine photos with gifts, as it makes it much more personal, and that's what the celebration of love is all about. "

More at ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com Gift Finder Gift Wrap for Kids ChroniquesDuVasteMonde Christmas Blogging

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That's what you need for the gift box

It does not take much to mimic Alix's custom gift wrap: scissors, tape, plain brown kraft paper, a bit of baubles, a rough tie, and of course the photos.

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Pack gifts: That's how it works

Simply wrap the gifts as usual and then stick the photos on the plain wrapping paper. Loop it - and you're done!

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Gift wrap for the best friend

For her best friend, Alix simply takes a (half) empty Rittersport mini-box and turns it into an individualized nail polish packaging

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This is what the best friend is looking forward to

A joint photo with the best friend forms the crowning glory of this original gift wrap. She is very happy about that!

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Gifts pack with Alix

This is how Christmas can come!

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The White Company | How To Wrap Perfect Christmas Presents (April 2023).

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