• October 21, 2020

Orange cookies: 11 fruity recipes

Orange cookies in 11 variations

Orange cookies may not be part of the classic Christmas cookies yet? but definitely have what it takes! Because the cookies, which unfold thanks to orange peel, orange juice, orange peel or orange jam a wonderfully fruity aroma, actually bring everything with what we can only dream of delicious Christmas cookies.

We present you here 11 variations that it? partly in the truest sense of the word? to have in oneself. Our orange biscuits, for example, come as biplane with delicious orange-cream filling, camouflage themselves as cinnamon stars with a surprise effect and enter into a seductive liaison with marzipan.

Orange biscuits to your taste

But of course your imagination knows no bounds when it comes to orange biscuits. Dress her in a chocolate coat (we love this combination!), Refine her with anise or douse her in liquid chocolate.

More desire for baking? Discover our fast cookies!

Kawaii Orange Cookies - Gluten Free Recipe (October 2020).

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