Oliver Kalkofe: So emotionally he takes leave of Daniel Küblböck

Comedian Oliver Kalkofe (52, "The Wixxer") has not had a good hair in his programs in the past on the missing former "DSDS" candidate Daniel Küblböck (33). But now Kalkofe came up with a long Facebook post to speak.

"This suicide makes me infinitely sad," says Kalkofe. To the reactions to the drama on the net, he continues: "And when I read the incredibly many stupid, devious and emotionless jokes, I get angry." He had often made fun of his programs about Küblböck: "However, not about him as a person, but only about his actions and performances - where he also deliberately provoked such reactions," said the 52-year-old.

Criticism of the TV landscape

Kalkofe also focuses on the TV landscape and the audience: "Here we tragically see the effects of the casting shows and the increasingly soulless television," he explains. But no sooner was a show around, you would forget the "stars" from it again and they would be "laughed at by others for their short scratching at fame and rejected".

At the end of his post, Kalkofe says goodbye, saying, "Farewell, Daniel, you were a jolly madman who at least made this world more colorful and diverse.Thank you for everything - and forgive those who are too stupid or lacking in empathy, too to be able to laugh with you instead of just about you, rest in peace. "

"The fight is every day, 24 hours"

Oliver Kalkofe is not the only celebrity to speak out in this matter. The former "Germany's next top model" candidate Sarah Knappik (31) commented on bullying via Instagram - also with clear words. "Why are people so sick and make other people permanently ready?" The 31-year-old writes in a long statement.

Küblböck was one of their "few role models in this industry," explains the 31-year-old. She was sad and stunned. "Yes, even with bullying, we look away!" She continues. "What did this poor person have to go through, medial ... and then there were those cries for help that everyone ignored!"

She knows the fight that Kübelböck should have fought out. Like her, he too tried to get out of the "corner of the trash". "People have a picture of you and it's hard to change that, the fight is 24 hours a day," continued Knappik. Mobbers would abuse souls and leave severe wounds. "I can only give courage to all those who have been bullied, scream, you are not alone!"

Daniel Küblböck had jumped aboard the cruise ship AIDAluna in the early hours of September 9 in the sea area off the Canadian coast. Meanwhile, the Canadian Coast Guard has stopped the search.

Alex Jones: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) (July 2020).

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