Older mothers - so what?

Isabelle Baroness von Schorlemer and her husband Josef Laggner

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Isabelle Baronin von Schorlemer gets a child. This is not worth a message, because who? outside the Berlin Gastro scene? does this woman know? Just because the expectant mother is already 54, it becomes a cover story.

And immediately many ask themselves: Can a woman whose biological clock has actually expired still have a child? Is not that pure egoism? An impertinence for the poor child? I do not like this thinking. Not only because double standards measure: For when gray-haired men reproduce again, will? loud or secret? congratulated and applauded: Great pike. But when women do the same, they are under the obligation to justify themselves. Why? Because we are stricter with women. Because we think we are allowed to speak into her life. Because we presume that we are not entitled.

Modern medicine allows more and more women to decide the most essential question in the life of a woman even at an advanced age, namely: Do I want a child and when? That's actually, after the pill's discovery, the second sexual revolution. And changes are frightening - that's why this development is so skeptical and suspicious eyed.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde editor Silke Baumgarten

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I think there will be more and more old mothers soon. And I trust that, for example, Isabella von Schorlemer, together with her nine-year-younger husband, has carefully considered how they want to master their lives.

Certainly it will not always be easy? but in which family are there no problems? Whether a child suffers, that mother and father are soon pensioners, depends also on us. If we openly deal with the children of the new generation of older people, they too should succeed in a good start in life. And that's what it's about, right?

Even with the celebrities, there are many late mothers - such as Uma Thurman, who is just 41 with the third child pregnant. Rock tube Gianna Nannini got her first child at the age of 54. See more late celebrity mothers in our click range.

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