Oha! This is how women lie about WhatsApp

The fact that the masters of creation sometimes flunker via WhatsApp, we are already almost used to it. However, a new study shows that we women are obviously not children of sadness. We also like to chat in the chat with the truth. In a study by Cornell University in the US, it emerged that there is a specific pattern that can expose a woman's WhatsApp lie.

Long = lie

The researchers studied 1703 chats and found that the longer a woman's message is, the higher the likelihood of her lying. Especially common are ego-related words like me, myself and myself. Less you, you and you. In addition, the sentences contain vague phrases such as "try".

Incidentally, the Funker messages were on average nine words long, the true statements eight. Mhm, so a word difference in the cut ... if that is not just a coincidence?

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