Oha! Meghan Markle makes mega faux pas - and the Queen

Meghan seems to be a natural duchess as a duchess. Wherever she appears, the 36-year-old makes a stunning figure. Her looks are truly regal and with her radiance she conquers the hearts of the royal fans again and again. And yet she has now passed a gross blunder.

At the Queen's Young Leaders Award at Buckingham Palace, many experts immediately noticed one thing: sitting posture! Meghan rolled over her legs? and unfortunately that does not work. Is it after the royal etiquette ladies have to take while sitting the so-called duchess bias. Meaning: The legs are side by side, as are the feet and knees. Only the ankles can be crossed.

Six weeks after the wedding with Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex has a lot to learn. Whether the Queen has made as much of Meghan's leg position as fussing as the Royal Knigge experts has not been recorded.

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Meghan Markle