"Oh, you merry ones!" ? That's how you get through the holidays

After the funeral with Uncle Willi sat too long around the whiskey-flat? No problem! Such a beautiful Rollmops fills up your mineral storage again and thus counteracts the hangover. Only stupid, if you are so disgusted that you immediately get him out again. On the other hand, then maybe the toxins are flushed out with.

Do not mind the whole Trara? Is someone snoring on the couch again? If you can not endure "Oh you happy" again in ten different pitches, this pack should have earplugs in the first aid kit.


When it gets really exciting in the evening and you do not feel well, Braineffect's anti-stress package will help. Natural drugs for the stressful Christmas season and the start of work in the new year. For those who want to implement their sporting intentions, there are these boosters.

Only one to tolerate? Yeah, after the Weihnachtsvöllerei there is usually still a schnapps on top. But is not always the best solution. If you already had enough alcohol, you can alternatively support digestion with fennel aniseed cumin tea. It's not so much fun, but sometimes it's better.

An effervescent tablet Alka-Seltzer had always been with Omi. Should not only help against odor after the feast, but also for gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches and actually all physical ache-woe. Come on ? down with it!


We really do not want to hope for it, but yes, many a tree has already been burned. And many a Christmas dinner. The fire extinguisher spray is not the fire department, but at least it could feel good. In an emergency, maybe also clears one or the other heated discussion.

Happy Holidays!

Pentatonix - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (Lyrics) (April 2020).