• July 15, 2020

Not funny at all: "I met a horror clown"

Thursday evening. What do you think after a long day, which has ended in a cozy round with friends and a glass of wine? At least not because a blood-spattered face starts out of the darkness!

Flickering lights and a lonely subway station

While the subway enters my destination station a little late, I really only need to be scared to miss my connecting bus. But the step out of the train has a hell of a lot of scary potential: Underground garage feeling paired with flickering lamps, and from 10 pm nobody is here any more. I'm a bit queasy.

And then it happens. As I turn quickly to the bus station tunnel, I suddenly stare into two big, bloodshot eyes. In addition to an ax, perfect clown make-up and the obligatory psycho-look adorns this figure emerged from nowhere, a white body suit full of blood spatter. A true horror clown!

Is he maybe a little bit dangerous?

I could scream now. Run away in panic. Sure, I know that behind the horror costume only joke buggers who want to shock other people. But those who lurk in other people's attire so late in the show have at least a small screw loose and should be treated with caution, right? What to do? Scream for help?

In a fraction of a second, I decide spontaneously for the opposite and smile the horror in the truest sense of the word in the face. The reaction? First, the guy is surprised, then he grins broadly - and suddenly seems to have no desire to continue harassing me. I am allowed to go my way unmolested.

I actually disarmed a scary clown. With a smile.


Horror Clowns: What am I allowed to do, what am I not allowed to do?

Even if you're tempted to slap the stupid clown on the red nose: Legally, it's the assault, and "but it's started" does not let the police justify it. It looks different when the clown should actually attack: Then there is nothing against defending himself. As an "attack" it can already be counted when the horror clown suddenly and quickly approaches or makes threatening gestures. However, if he "only" stands around in the area and somehow looks scary, that's not a crime. Disguises are actually not punishable in this country. Helau!

"IT" RAP SPOOF!!! (July 2020).