• July 10, 2020

No more chaos: The 8 most useful classification systems from Amazon

Sufficient space is probably in every apartment so large in short supply. And if not, then it just does not look very pretty when everything is just spread out in the room. So that chaos does not reign in your home, we have ingenious ideas for organizing systems that are really space-saving!

Bedside Organizer

No bedside table? No problem! In this bag, you can easily stow everything and push it between the mattress and the bed frame. This not only looks stylish, but is also practical: Everything is at hand here - whether magazines, cell phones, remote controls or handkerchiefs. So much does not even fit on an ordinary dessert. At Amazon for 14.35 euros.

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Jewelry Organizer

Although jewelery does not take up much space, there's nothing more annoying than undoing necklaces and bracelets. In addition, you see in this jewelry organizer (14.99 euros) every single piece of jewelry and do not have to look forever in a box.

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Pocket Organizer

A woman can never have enough pockets. But it's just a shame if they do not come into their own in crowded boxes, be forgotten or even completely wrinkled. This pocket Organizer for 9,39 € brings each individual bag to advantage, can be stowed away well - and above all, he leaves nothing to your gems come off.

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shoe rack

As you know, women usually have a much too small shoe cabinet. But with these shoe holders twice as many shoes fit in your closet. The 8-piece set of shoe holders costs 29,40 euros, but 50 percent space saving is already a lot.

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You have no storage room for brooms, mops and the like? Then this device holder is just right for you! Whether on doors or walls - you can easily mount this device holder everywhere. At Amazon for 14.55 euros.

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Wrapping paper packaging

You ask yourself: where with all the wrapping paper and the ribbons of Christmas? The wrapping paper packaging not only ensures order, but also prevents wrinkling and unwinding. For 26,00 Euro you will have much more joy in packaging in the future.

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Desk Organizer

Whether for home or office? on the walking tables usually the perfect chaos prevails. But let's face it: you do not need more than smartphones, post-it's, pens and cup holders, right? And how practical is it that the desktop organizer can be placed over the keyboard ?! For 17.99 euros the desk looks much tidier.

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pot hanger

Pans and pots take up a lot of space. However, some are too good to hide and could also be used as a decoration. The stylish pot hanger is definitely an eye-catcher and for 21.95 euros also quite cheap.

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