Nicole Scherzinger: Diva behavior or just a misunderstanding?

What was happening there? This questioned many spectators of the British TV show "Strictly Come Dancing", who in the last episode Nicole Scherzinger (40) got to face a very bad. During the broadcast, she murmured a sentence in the direction of the presenter, which the audience could not hear. But body language and facial expressions did not bode well ... A lip reader has told the British "Sun" what Scherzinger said to Tess Daly (49): "Your hair touches me." Did the singer feel constrained?

This alleged diva behavior has created a little shitstorm on the net. But the former member of the Pussycat Dolls has not let that sit on his own. Scherzinger said via Twitter that the two ladies had exchanged their clothes. She also made it clear that Tess Daly could sit as close to her as she liked. However, she was unable to prevent the whirlwind of the TV moment.

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