New season of "6 mothers": Sila Sahin talks about worries after the miscarriage

Vox's Personality documentary, "6 Moms", enters the third round in early 2019. Entertainer and quadruple mother Ute Lemper (55) is again host and receives in the new episodes actress Sila Sahin (32), designer Sarah Kern (50), entrepreneur Jessica Stockmann (51), actress Anouschka Renzi (54) and Elna-Margret Princess to Bentheim and Steinfurt (39), as the transmitter announced. In the show, the women give insights on how to "match offspring, relationship, job and their own prominence".

Worries, fears and a reboot

Sila Sahin has just become mum for the first time. In "6 Moms" she talks about "the pregnancy and her worries about a miscarriage", it says in advance. Fashion designer Sarah Kern evidently gives insights into her new start with her two sons abroad. Jessica Stockmann commutes with her two daughters between Monaco and Hamburg.

Meanwhile, according to Vox, Anouschka Renzi and her 20-year-old daughter are in a process of being cut off and sharing their views. Elna-Margret princess of Bentheim and Steinfurt talks about her home birth in the castle.

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Suspense: Sorry, Wrong Number - West Coast / Banquo's Chair / Five Canaries in the Room (July 2020).

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