New Name: That's the name of Macaulay Culkin now

Actor Macaulay Culkin (38, "Kevin - Home Alone") has a new name. After a public vote, he has a new middle name - and is called only "Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin".

"Entertainment Weekly" announces that it has committed to a vote in November on its lifestyle and fun website "Bunny Ears". At Christmas he made the gift to his fans - and announced his new name via Twitter.

Previously, the former child star had complained in a post about his uncreative middle name. "My middle name is a stupid thing, Larry? Orange? Honestly, I can not even remember it," he wrote at the time, asking his followers to make suggestions.

However, "Hai Week", "Kieran" (proposed by his brother Kieran), "TheMcRibisBack" or "Publicity Stunt" could not prevail against the more than 60,000 votes for "Macaulay Culkin" as a middle name.

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Macaulay Culkin is changing his middle name to Macaulay Culkin (August 2020).

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