Neither husband nor wife - Constitutional Court demands third gender

What a breakthrough in the fight against discrimination of intersex! For three years, the initiative "Third Option" has been promoting the inclusion of intersex in the birth register. Now there is finally a result: The Federal Constitutional Court demands the introduction of a new gender class, so that each person in the future gets an appropriate entry in the birth register.

As the entry will read, the Karlsruhe judges also announced: "Positive" should be for intersexual people soon on the place on the birth certificate, in which so far only "male" and "female" could appear.

So far applies: Who does not fit, is made suitable

Every 1000th person living in Germany is intersexual, according to estimates by the Ethics Council. Characteristics such as genitals, hormones, chromosomes and gonads, on which we identify sex, are clearly not to be assigned to either the category "male" or the category "female" even at birth.

Until 2013, parents had to decide at birth on what gender they register their intersexual child. Often followed or followed then medical interventions, in order to "optimize" this gender? of hormone treatments, on the reduction of the clitoris to a female "standard size" to the testicle removal. We know: who does not fit, is made suitable.

PBS NewsHour full episode August 8, 2019 (March 2023).

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