• July 12, 2020

Natural cosmetics: These are the advantages and disadvantages

shower gels

Whether pomegranate blood orange, mango vanilla or fragrance-neutral products (eg from Weleda): natural cosmetic shower gels are available in all variants. The foaming substances (surfactants) in it are not made from mineral oil, but from coconut oil or with the help of sugar.

Per: Sugar surfactants do not degrease the skin so much - a big plus on sensitive or dry skin. Cons: Organic shower gels do not foam as intensively as conventional products. Clean but they wash anyway.

Deodorants + anti-perspirants

Are organic ingredients reliably responsible for freshness? Yes, with restrictions. , ,

Per Bio-deodorants with the help of zinc oxide, sage, lime and lemon balm can very effectively and gentle on the skin prevent the odor that arises on the skin surface (eg from Weleda). Bamboo and cotton extracts keep the armpit dry (eg from Lavera). If you do not tend to sweat more, you can handle these deodorants well. Which also helps: body powder.

Contra Bio-active ingredients (including deodorant crystals) can not inhibit sweat production, as do the aluminum salts in so-called anti-perspirants.


Self-tanning natural tanning products contain the same active ingredients as conventional, such as erythrulose - but just in organic quality.

PerOrganic self-tanner are particularly skin-friendly, are also well tolerated by sensitive skin - and the tanning result is impressive.

Contra Organic self-tanner are very complex and expensive in production, which is also noticeable in some products at the store price.

hair colors

Meanwhile, the color spectrum ranges from black brown to copper blonde. You do not even have to touch many notes yourself - they are ready mixed in the tube (eg from Logona).

Per Natural hair colors like a cloak around the hair and give it great shine. Hairdressers now also use natural hair colors in their salons (eg Marc Booten, you can find other hairdressers at www.culumnatura-naturkosmetik.com).

Contra If you want extreme colors like deep blue black, bright red or white blonde, you can not go any further with natural hair colors because the original hair color determines how light or dark the result will be. Even leaving gray hair completely disappearing is rather difficult: White hair always stays a tad brighter than the parts that were previously dark. And beware of reds that contain a lot of henna: This hair with a high proportion of gray or white bright orange - and over-dyeing with conventional colors is not recommended. The best way to try on an inconspicuous strand.


Natural cosmetics sun creams contain only mineral sunscreen filters that reflect the sun like a mirror.

PerDermatologists recommend infants and women with very sensitive skin like mineral protection filters, because they remain according to previous knowledge on the top of the skin (eg from Lavera). Contra More than SPF 20 is currently not possible with the mineral filters zinc oxide and titanium dioxide permitted in natural cosmetics. This is indeed the best-selling factor in the market as a whole, in extreme situations, eg. B. in the mountains or the tropics, but not enough. So: wear hats and appropriate clothing - and stay in the shade.

Hair styling products

Hair gel and spray in natural quality: The times when the eco-scene wrinkled it over the nose, are fortunately long gone! Per Natural-based hair gels (eg from Lavera) can be applied just as well as conventional products. Stop is shellac, the secretion of Lackschildlaus, from the former records were pressed. Natural cosmetic pump sprays can do without metal cans, propellants, silicones and artificial fragrances and are therefore a good option for people with sensitive scalps - and of course environmentalists.

Contra Hair sprays with eco-seal do not contain propellants such. B. butane, since it is derived from mineral oil. Instead they are stuck in pump atomizers. However, this does not make it possible to create such fine droplets - and one notices this especially with fine hair that quickly sticks to pump sprays. For this reason, for example, the barber brand Aveda, which otherwise likes to use natural ingredients, still uses propellants in its salon sprays. Even fine foams are so far not in organic quality.

Anti-aging care

In this area, the natural cosmetics mixes too - almost all manufacturers have a series for mature skin in the program. Many plants contain active substances that capture free radicals and also achieve this effect on the skin: pomegranate juice, the extract from the fruits of the Açaipalme, but also classics such as wild rose or sea buckthorn oil.

Per The essential oil of geranium should be just as effective as pure vitamin A (eg in Sanoflore).The hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid is bio-technologically produced by specially bred bacteria and makes the skin look plumper and younger in no time. Some organic laboratories even develop their own mixtures of active substances that combine various plant substances and mineral magnesium or precious metals (eg from Lavera). In addition, the manufacturers of organic cosmetics now also carry out extensive test series to prove the effectiveness of their products. Contra Some of the well-known, very effective anti-aging ingredients (eg peptides or pure vitamin A) must unfortunately be dispensed with by natural cosmetic supporters because they come from the laboratory. Also, the feeling when applying is different: Although eco-cosmetics are absorbed just as quickly as other creams, but since natural care gets by without silicones, the skin does not always immediately feel soft and smooth. This effect will only take effect after prolonged use.

Powder, Eyeshadow, Kajal & Co

If you want to focus on organic make-up, you now have a large selection of products, colors and textures - there are even special make-up lines for professionals (eg from Nvey Eco).

Per The mineral powder pigments customary in natural cosmetics are also highly valued by sensitive skin types because of their good compatibility. Often, skin-calming and nourishing ingredients are also included, such as witch hazel and black tea in kohl pencils (eg from Dr. Hauschka). Natural cosmetics fans do not have to do without gloss and glitter effects as well: mica, mineral powder and sometimes even real silver glamorously make the complexion or lids shine.

Contra Eyeshadows and powders without silicones do not look so velvety-smooth when applied, and they do not adhere well. The colors are limited to natural shades: Bright fluorescent colors are not found on natural cosmetic make-up pallets.


In addition to colorless care sticks, natural cosmetics also have seductive red in their program (eg from Dr. Hauschka). Per Using natural cosmetics for the mouth gives a good feeling - especially when you know that a woman who uses lipstick every day will swallow about 3.5 kilos during her life. Organic lip colors contain neither preservatives nor mineral oils, silicones or artificial aromas, but nourishing organic oils, waxes and moisturizing flower extracts. And with shimmering, coated minerals, organic lipsticks already have many great effects. Contra The choice of gaudy lipsticks is less, as the bright red color carmine is made from dried Cochenilleläusen what some manufacturers refuse. Vegans should always look for the ingredient list (INCI) on the box. And you will not get a kissable pen without silicones.


The trend is towards longer and more voluminous eyelashes - and even with natural mascaras you get this effectful look quite. The trick: Modern brushes provide neat swing and beautiful fullness. Per Skillfully used natural ingredients such. B. Camelina oil, which quickly solidifies in the air, helps to prevent the eyelash color from crumbling or blurring. Volume Tip: Before pollinating the eyelashes with loose face powder.

Contra Waterproof mascara does not exist in organic quality - but you would have to mix in so much shellac that the eyelashes could hardly be removed. Even very long-lasting mascara can not provide natural cosmetics, because you would have to use silicone.

Nail polishes and removers

Of course, you can also get it off course, but in the case of varnishes the offer is so far meager. PerOnly a colorless topcoat (shellac) based on shellac (by Provida) meets the criteria for natural cosmetics.

Contra The nails must be degreased before painting with alcohol or detergent, and you have to wait about 10 minutes until they are completely dry. Some manufacturers offer colorful nail polishes that contain no formaldehyde or aggressive solvents (which are rarely used anyway), but do not get along without synthetic materials (eg Benecos). That is why they are not considered as natural cosmetics in the strict sense and also do not bear any natural cosmetics seals. For nail polish removers in natural cosmetics quality you have to rub a little longer, they work with organic alcohol and orange oil even with normal paint (eg from Sante).

Advantages of organic cosmetics (July 2020).

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