• June 13, 2021

Natural care: plant power for the skin

Chemistry meets nature

Untouched landscape or park, jungle or allotment garden: If you are looking for nature, you have many possibilities. And that also applies to cosmetics, because those who look at the range of the so-called natural beauty makers, care with organic label as well as products of those companies that use ingredients from nature, but do not necessarily abstain from chemistry.

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Ingredients in organic quality? even without natural cosmetics seal

Close to nature, nature-inspired, phyto-, plant cosmetics: there are many terms, clearly defined is no one - a precise demarcation so difficult. Or, as Elfriede Dambacher, industry expert and publisher of the "Naturkosmetik Yearbook", puts it: "There is green in all shades."

Thus, so-called natural or plant cosmetic products, unlike the traditional organic brands such as Dr. med. Although Hauschka or Weleda, although not a natural cosmetics seal (eg Natrue, Ecocert or BDIH), can still contain ingredients in organic quality.

In addition, certain substances, such as silicones or parabens, which are also not permitted in certified natural cosmetics, are sometimes omitted in their manufacture. Then there are the companies that have individual lines with seals in their range, and often the companies are also committed to sustainability and other "green" topics.

"Nature" has its limits

Basically, however: A flower on the tube or a plant substance advertised does not mean that really - or only - nature is in it. More meaningful is the INCI overview, ie the list of ingredients on the packaging. Sometimes even the percentage of natural ingredients is mentioned. Herbal ingredients can also be integrated into formulations that do not comply with the natural or organic cosmetics standard.

Many companies that use the beauty power of plants deliberately differentiate themselves from certified natural cosmetics. Often, for example, for the production of phyto-active substances, methods are used which are not permitted with certified natural cosmetics. But sometimes it's more about achieving a certain product performance.

Because certified natural cosmetics are limited in the choice of ingredients, and also in the processing there are strict limits. Some beauticians such as colored nail polish or waterproof mascara are therefore not with sealalthough certified products are becoming more and more popular. "Ultimately, customers determine the degree of naturalness and luxury themselves," says Elfriede Dambacher.

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