Mystic Pop: Of these UK newcomers we like to hear MORE!

Somehow dark. But not this dark one that pulls you down and makes you suddenly see everything bad in the world, but such a dark that makes you curious and wants more ...

In their first two songs, the UK band Swimming Girls strikes a very special tone, which has something fresh, but still misses no depth.

A passion for darkness - and a lot of humor

"We want to be accessible to our audience somehow, but we also want to convey something surreal with our music, something that lets us escape the daily grind a bit, we all have to dive sometimes - life can be a pretty asshole", says keyboardist Roo.

The four Britons are all in their early 20s and have met while studying music in London, where they currently live. "We all have a sense of the dark, it connects us immediately, and we have the same sense of humor - we're always laughing at each other," says Roo.

Alternative meets Pop: Influences from The Cure to Lana del Ray

Musically, the four complement each other well: While Max and Jay - drummer and guitarist - especially on '80s bands like The Cure are, drive singer Vanessa and Roo rather on the pop track of Cindy Lauper and Lana del Ray.

Inspired by these two currents, the sound of the Swimming Girls is a peculiar mix of alternative / indie background and catchy pop style, which creates just this split feeling of darkness and dancing.

Texts about cinemas and strange thoughts

The lyrics are mainly written by Vanessa. "I often use it to process my own experiences - feelings, experiences, movies and strange thoughts that I have to deal with somehow," she says.

'2 Kids' is about the relationship with a person who does not actually do you any good, but you still can not get rid of them.

"This condition when you're just out of habit and comfort with someone, also because you're afraid of change and being alone."

"We love good tunes and want to have fun!"

And what does the name 'swimming girls' mean? "We just like the pictorial idea that the name creates, water has something mystical about it," explains Roo.

Currently, the four spend all their free time together making music together? But they also need "real" jobs. "We would love to be able to live only on our music, we love good tunes, we want to have fun and share that with many people," says Roo.

So we would not mind a bit more mysticism in the music scene. We are looking forward to the third release!

NLE Choppa & Clever "Stick By My Side" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video) (March 2021).

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