Musical early education is going great - this baby is already clapping in the stomach

Singing children's songs is really fun only when the little ones cackle loudly, clap along and dance to it. Unusually, however, they do that in the womb, like Jen Cardinal's baby. When she and her husband saw the fetus clap their hands during an ultrasound scan, they quickly agreed, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands." It suited the movements of her unborn child perfectly.

Sounds too good to be true - is the video real or a fake? The expectant mother assures that the first three bludgers have happened like this, and her gynecologist repeated this part only later in the video. However, at the portal, one expert expressed doubts: "An unborn child makes all sorts of uncontrolled gestures in the womb - if the bludder is real, it happens at most once and the rest is video cut".

Whether a bludger or ten: Of course parents and baby are already looking forward to getting to know each other - and this great video will make her family laugh for many years to come.

Mom-To-Be Says Baby Didn't Clap to Music During Ultrasound (March 2023).

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