Mushroom scent is said to trigger orgasm

"Phallus indusiatus": miracle mushroom triggers orgasms

That the Stinkmorchel species "Phallus indusiatus" can trigger a female orgasm, found the two Hawaiians John Halliday and Noah Soule in 2001 out. But only now the results of their study from the website "IFL Science" were made public.

Sixteen women and 20 men then benefited from the aphrodisiac. According to the report, six women experienced a spontaneous orgasm, while the other participants experienced an altered heart rate or sexual arousal. The men would not have felt the odor or disgusting. Reason for the female highlights should be substances in the fungus, which are similar to the male neurotransmitters.

What do scientists say about this?

The fact that the stinkhorn "Phallus indusiatus", whose name means "tropical veil lady", really brings women to climax, may be doubted. First, a study of 36 Hawaiian participants is not very representative, on the other hand, scientists doubt the results.

Professor Hanns Hatt, an odor researcher at the Ruhr University in Bochum, told RP Online that proof that a nuclear spin study was needed to measure the reactions in the brain. "It is a fairy tale that pheromones are the cause of sexuality," says the biologist. "You can read this everywhere, but in fact it is not possible to prove to what extent the smell is related to pleasure and which odorous substances might be involved in such a case."

Could the fungus be a hallucinogenic reaction? Already possible, after all, there are quite a few poisonous mushrooms that have an intoxicating effect on humans.

Which natural remedies increase libido?

In addition to the strange Stinkmorchel form there are a number of natural aphrodisiacs, which women like to grab. For example, certain spices such as cinnamon and saffron are particularly stimulating and pleasurable. But also chili, ginger and herbs such as parsley and basil should have aphrodisiac.

Good news for the chocolate fans among us: Vanilla and chocolate are supposed to boost libido as they contain active ingredients similar to pheromones. Basically, vegetables such as asparagus is recommended: The ingredients vitamin B, potassium, magnesium and calcium not only stimulate, but also detoxify the body.

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