• July 15, 2020

Mum is great (you just need nerves of steel)

Children bring love to life - and anarchy

American photographer Giedre Gomes spends her working life capturing bright, perfectly staged mothers with their babies and toddlers. But at least when she comes home, she experiences first hand: These idealized photos have not much to do with reality.

"My customer photos are usually dreamy pictures of mothers kissing their babies amidst a sea of ​​flowers. But when I get home, will I return to real life with my two boys? and there are no rainbows, unicorns and butterflies.?

To show a more realistic view of Mama's, Gomes started his own photography project. Above all, she wants to capture the routine with children, where one day proceeds like the other - breakfast, lunch, dinner, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and laundry, driving, comforting, quarreling, playing, ranting, romping.

After Gomes had searched unsuccessfully for some time in the social media for suitable Mom models, she asked without further ado to friendly mothers. Most said yes.

Each of the photos tells a story from their own lives, says Gomes. This includes the shopping horror with toddlers, the impossibility to go to the bathroom alone, the children's feet in the face when you finally fell asleep, the one-handed cooking or things that nobody really needs to know, such as the Kinderrotz times with your own T-shirt To wipe away the top.

What Gomes shows with her work: That the mum is wonderful, but also hard work. Nevertheless, she told the Independent: "I would not have it any other way" - I would not have it any other way ".

Click here for Giedre Gomes' website: www.picturesbygg.com

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