• March 20, 2023

Moving Call: Who stole the toy from a children's grave?

This call touches: Debora Cucci appeals on Facebook to the heart of unknown thieves who have plundered her daughter's grave. Emilia died of a brain tumor when she was only four years old - since then she has found her last resting place in a cemetery in Dusseldorf.

But now that: unknown people have plundered the lovingly decorated grave. Among other things, they stole the dolls of Elsa and Anna, with whom Emilia had always preferred to play. The call of Mama Debora is now moving Germany:

Almost 1000 times the call of Emilia's mom has been shared so far. She hopes the thieves will feel guilty and bring the stolen dolls back.

"If I had known that would happen, I would never have put the puppets there," Debora told RP Online. If she recovers the toy, she does not want to put it back on the grave, but keep it safe.

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