Mother feelings, ey! 10 truths from Rike Drust's new book

I do not know how many times I have already given away the book "Muttergef├╝hle. Gesamtausgabe". Whenever I meet a new mother who mixes her own mix of happiness, panic, fatigue and "You do not really mean that?", I recommend the bestseller by Rike Drust: "Read that you will feel better. " So far, it has always worked.

The expert for dangerous mother feelings is back

So finally the second book. Rike Drust has grown older and still crazy enough to say: Yes, I want a kid! One more thing. Although everyday life has become a bit less crazy and finally it was time again to go to punk rock concerts.

Can that work out? Will I be able to love both children equally? What am I doing to stop screwing everything up? These questions are answered by the author and copywriter from Hamburg so honestly, funny and in a nutshell, that I always wanted to mark sentences while reading, because I thought so well. (After a third of the book, so many pages were marked with a kink that my daughter asked me if I wanted to make a kind of fan out of it ...)

So you know what I mean, I've picked out a small selection of these true sentences. For the rest you have to buy the book.

10 truths about life with two children by Rike Drust:

1. "It's beautiful and complicated at the same time."

The next time someone asks me what it's like to be a mother, I'll quote that sentence. He describes our lives perfectly - twice with one child and two children.

2. "I have not spent every subject for hours and questioned and thought through.

A big advantage of the second child is the new nonchalance, says Rike Drust. Been there, done that. The midwife can stay at home.

3. "I am the mother I never wanted to be."

Namely a mum mom. That does not get better with two children plus a job!

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