Morgan and Bode Miller: Midwife remembers her dead daughter and stirs followers to tears

It was the worst day of her life: less than a year ago, Morgan and Bode Miller suffered a tragic blow and lost their daughter, Emeline, due to a pool accident. At that time, as well as today, did her friend and midwife Lindsey Meehleis stand by her side, who is now speaking in social media? with a warning to all parents.

The birth of the third child gave the Millers strength

The loss of one's own child is hardly bearable and the wounds of the two former professional athletes only heal slowly. Their grief has been helped, among other things, by the birth of their third child, Easton Vaughn Rek Miller, who was born just months after his sister's death. "He is so special and brought so much healing and hope, our baby Emmy will never be replaced, but this little bundle has allowed us to find a little bit of peace and, in a curious way, a connection between that Heaven and Earth, "wrote Morgan (32) after birth on Instagram.

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I have not been formally introduced to our little light, Easton Vaughn Rek Miller. He is so special and has brought so much healing and hope. Our baby Emmy never wants to be replaced but man, has this little bundle of peace and happiness in a weird way, a connection between the heavens and earth #lifeafterdeath

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Since then her Instagram channel is down. Now the common friend and midwife Lindsey Meehleis, who had collected donations for the family after the tragic accident, reports. But her speech is not directed by way of exception to the mourning couple, but should be a warning to all parents. In a post on Instagram, the midwife writes admonishing words and asks her followers to share, link friends, and tell all their friends and relatives.

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We are two months away from almost a year of the loss of our dear Emmy. Everyday still feels like a dream. In my stories I posted very effective water safety techniques. As we approach the warm weather, we must all make a commitment. The AAP recently changed their water safety guidelines and they need to be shouted from the rooftops. I do not want to stand up with my knees. Comment below, tag a friend, share my stories, print it out and post at your neighborhood pool. Let's get this information out there! These are some of the words that I speak this tragic day. @morganebeck & @millerbode I love you guys so much. I often believe that the baby is in a child's mind. On the Eve of Emmy? S Birth, 3 weeks before her due date, we ate and witnessed Morgan who was exhausted, sick & exhausted after a stomach flu. She dug deep for a strength that she never knew. The strength that Morgan found that night was Emmy's first gift. For Emmy knew that she would be short, and she knew that in order for her to lose, that the strength that they did not optionally, it was necessary. Morgan and Emmy danced together as this earthly angel started traveling to change the world. The morning sun started to rise and Morgan crawled into a warm pool of water ......... just as daylight broke, our little bringer of light was born. With deep wide eyes, she is connected with everyone in the room. Staring deep into our souls. There's something special about every newborn baby, but there's something extra special about Emmy .... her eyes told us a story. She was fearless, determined & fierce. Cont in comments.

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