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"Moms are incredibly efficient" Two working mums between changing table and office

The two women I meet are very lucky. Your job is a great passion for both. Britta Sabbag writes for children, adults and adolescents, Joëlle Tourlonias illustrates children's books. Together with Maite Kelly, they have created the little Hummel Bommel, which hummles extremely successfully through the children's bookstores around the world? even in Chinese (??). Although success always means pressure, both say: "Without this job, we would not be happy." And so they decided not to take a baby break.

BARBARA: Was it clear from the beginning that you would continue to work?

Britta: For me yes. Writing is my home. I can not do it anymore Not write, I believe.

Joëlle: That was clear to me, too. I think that's just not a question if your job is your love. I just need drawing to get down.

And was not that complicated in reality?

Joëlle: Yes, totally. One day after my caesarean section, a customer wanted to have pictures. Big customers always need everything immediately, because your private life does not matter much.

Did not they know you just had a baby?

Joëlle: Of course they knew that. But internal schedules had shifted, and they did not fit my baby's schedule. And then both had to go: working in a childbed.

Britta: I also had a deadline for a 500-page novel that was due 5 months after birth. That's why I knew from the beginning that I can not take a long break. But one day after the birth I find too hard. We are both working in a more child-friendly industry, where fortunately such stories do not happen so often. From other industries (note: Britta Sabbag worked before she became a writer for 7 years as a recruit) I know that much harder. But it is not only the pressure from the outside that makes you stress, but also your own claim. And that planning becomes so difficult with children is also such a thing. My little one always puked me when I had an important appointment (laughs).

Joëlle: Exactly. The children basically get sick just when they should not. For example, Mine got a 3-day fever on time for the book fair. The classic.

And how does it work in everyday life to work with baby?

Britta: Not at all. (laughs) No, seriously, working with a baby works in the least professions. If you have to concentrate, that distracts way too much. Since you can only use the moments in which you have help or if you are sure that the baby is sleeping for a while. My thoughts must be sorted when writing, because I have to dive into another world. And that was not possible with gurgling baby in the background and now with my climbing toddler certainly not more. Everything he does is life-threatening.

Joëlle: To be honest with me, that's pretty good. But when drawing you dive not so much as when writing. It also depends very much on the baby.

Britta: I find madness how incredibly efficient you become as a mother. Honestly, I never thought you could be so focused. If you know you just have a bloody hour now, then you have to make the most of it. I think I'm a thousand times faster than before. Surely this is the case with all mothers. We just have to work fully to the point. This is really scary and amazing how efficient mothers are.

© Joelle Tourlonias

Are you sometimes jealous of all the men who become fathers without having that sense of turmoil afterwards?

Joëlle: I was just jealous of my husband while I was breast-feeding, because breastfeeding always lasted over an hour at the beginning - sitting down and doing nothing else has put my patience and urge to the test.

Britta: I would have gladly renounced these physical extremes. It would have been great to share those efforts. But equal rights simply have biological limits. This initial phase I found really hard, because I was very exhausted. But the petting was the best and I would not have missed it. I could not have imagined being away all day during this early period.

Joëlle: Totally. Cuddling is the best!

© Joelle Tourlonias

Can you understand women who are putting their careers on hold for the kids?

Britta: Mh, difficult question. For me personally that would be inconceivable. Simply because I love writing that way and need it too. But it would be totally presumptuous to condemn that. Mothers do that too often anyway. You could help each other so well and support each other.Instead, mothers are often so hard on each other and also with themselves. This is totally moronic, after all, we all sit in a boat.

Joëlle: That's true. You really should not do that. I find it only bad if women give up too much and in the end are no longer happy themselves. As long as you are satisfied with your life, everything is fine. Parents should be human and interpersonal somehow role models. That's the only thing I see. And that has nothing to do with professional ambitions.

Britta: Okay, everything is happy. I believe that every person should have dreams or some form of fulfillment.

Can not the children be this fulfillment?

Joëlle: Of course they can do that for a while. But children are growing. Children go. And then you should have something that will do you good.

Britta: I think it's always good to live your dreams. Not? Though? you have children, but just with the children. I think that's always possible. In one way or another. Children should not stop you from doing what you love. I love my child and my job. That's the best thing that can happen to you.

© Joelle Tourlonias

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