Mini tips that help you lose weight in the long term

# 1: Use the buddy system

Who has a sports partner, overcomes his inner pig more often than if you have to lug alone to training. The buddy system is based on mutual control and security? the companion inspires, motivates and exchanges with one. Studies have shown that it's more like a duo than solo.

# 2: Transform your food environment

Do you have chips, sweets and ice cream on the shelf? Then we advise you to put off a bit of your unhealthy things. For example, what about the top shelf for chocolate, where you can not get it anyway, or the far corner in the freezer for the ice cream? A little change and? admitted? a little Verarsche for the psyche, but which achieves great effect.

# 3: Always standing straight

It sounds so easy? And yet many people make the office back in everyday life. A straight posture not only radiates more self-confidence, but also plays a key role in every sport. With a crooked back, it's almost impossible to take full advantage of your training potential. So: always stand straight.

# 4: Do not fall into old habits

You smashed a whole pack of chips or a bar of chocolate the night before? No reason to break off the diet and get back into old habits. Do not let setbacks throw you off track because our biggest weakness is giving up. The safest way to succeed is simply to try it again.

# 5: No means no!

The more you impose a "no" to yourself, the more it becomes flesh and blood. No more excuses, no Wischiwaschi? No means no. Basta! Incidentally, the same applies to your "yes"? that, too, should be produced with conviction, e.g. if you make decisions in favor of your health.

How a Woman Lost Over 200 Pounds (January 2021).

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