"Michael was my god": Supposed Jackson abuse victims guest Oprah Winfrey

After broadcasting HBO's second installment of the controversial documentary "Leaving Neverland" on Monday, Michael Jackson's (1958-2009) alleged victims of abuse, Wade Robson (36) and James Safechuck (41), appeared in the one-hour show "After Neverland "The questions from moderator Oprah Winfrey (65) and affirmed their allegations. It was also about the contradictory statements of the two men in court in 2005.

Around 100 abuse victims took place in the Times Center Auditorium in Manhattan and saw the documentary "Leaving Neverland" together. Following were the two men who explain in the documentary that Michael Jackson is alleged to have abused her as a child, and the director Dan Reed at Oprah Winfrey guest.

"Michael was a god for me"

Winfrey was particularly hooked on a topic that covered the documentation. In 2005, both men testified in favor of Michael Jackson. The pop star was then charged with allegations of abuse and acquitted. "When the abuse started when I was eleven years old, and even when I was 22, I did not know that what Michael had done to me sexually was abuse," Robson explained his behavior. Jackson told him it was love. "Michael was a god for me."

Robson also revealed in the broadcast the reason why he finally went public with his accusations: the birth of his son. As a father, he did not want that something similar could happen to his son. "If he had not been born, I would most likely still be silent."

Indoctrinated panic

Also, Safechuck, who claims that Jackson should have abused him sexually from the age of ten, stressed that he initially did not believe in abuse. Only in 2013, when Robson talked about abuse in an interview, did he know that his hatred for himself has a reason. Jackson persuaded him for years that if they were caught, their lives would be over.

Until today, Jackson's shadow is there and he has the feeling that he let him through the documentation in the lurch. In the end, Safechuk confesses that he has not forgiven himself not only himself, but also his mother: "I want her to accept help, only when she works on herself does she realize what has happened." In the run-up to the broadcast of the documentary, Jackson's estate administrators have rejected the allegations of the two men and responded with a lawsuit against HBO. 100 million dollars (about 88 million euros) they are to demand from the creators, according to media reports.

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