Michael Mittermeier and Roland Trettl: Joint Lach Offensive with TV Show "True Story"

Ever since the hit series "How I Met Your Mother", the exclamation "True Story" has become part of everyday language. Under this English assertion to tell the truth, there will soon be a comedy show by Michael Mittermeier (52, "Achtung, Baby") and TV-chef Roland Trettl (46) on VOX. In "True Story", people are supposed to tell the most bizarre and funniest stories that are so absurd that they could only write them real life.

However, in an interview with Trettl and Mittermeier, guests can talk about their favorite tavern story, with which they can happily cheer up their friends and family. No, they will also be shown to them by actors "in a professional setting", according to a press release from the broadcaster, in which a link can already be found under which interested people can apply as candidates.

Incidentally, the comedian already hinted that Mittermeier and Trettl are doing something together a few days ago with a snapshot with his friend. Mittermeier wrote: "Work in Progress ..." - to the picture, which shows the two wine drinking in a restaurant: "in work". Now we know what he meant by that!

Michael Mittermeier und Roland Trettl: Eigene Show für den Komiker und den Koch (July 2020).

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