Melania Trump: plane with the First Lady suffers technical defect

America's First Lady got away with a scare on Wednesday! The plane in which Melania Trump (48) was on her way to an appointment in Philadelphia had to return shortly after the start. Because there was smoke and smell of burning in the cabin. The machine was then at the military airbase Joint Base Andrews southeast of Washington D.C. returned.

"Everything is OK"

As several reporters tweeted, the plane had landed there safely. The problem was discovered about ten minutes after launch. The journalists present in the plane reported "smoke" and the smell of burned. This smell had quickly become stronger. For protection they were handed by the crew towels.

Melania Trump spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham confirmed "USA Today" that there had been a "minor mechanical problem" on the plane. She explained, "Everything is fine and everyone is safe."

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